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New York Building Managers' Association

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Our History

The NYBMA is the oldest and one of New York City’s largest resident manager/ superintendent’s organization. The association was founded in 1917 with the intention of supporting fellow colleagues by coming together on a monthly basis to share experiences while managing some of New York’s premiere real estate properties. Every year since it’s inception, our family has proven to be a strong and guiding force in New York City. From specialized courses to annual events, such as it’s Grand Ball, Golf Outing, Ladies Night and charity contributions, the NYBMA offers its members a wide range of activities and functions in which to participate.

The NYBMA continues to grow while keeping its foundations solid. With the advent of newer technologies, the NYBMA is primed to deliver dynamic content over the internet. As we develop new sections, always feel free to contact us regarding questions about the organization and special events.

Latest News

Congratulations to our 2020
Building Manager of the Year!

German Negron

Upcoming Events


NYBMA Regular Meeting

Thursday, December 10, 2020


Meeting Begins 6:30 PM

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Executive Officers

Lawrence Cook

Lawrence Cook

Recording Secretary

Wojciech Siedlik

Wojciech Siedlik

Financial Secretary


Chris Knipe



Ismet Arifi

Vice President


Chris Hayes


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